Outings on Escort Boats

Discover unforgettable luxury experiences with our escort boat trips in Mallorca!

Outings on Escort Boats. At DeluxFantasy, we offer you the perfect combination of sailing, beauty and seduction to ensure unparalleled moments in the Mediterranean Sea.

Our exclusive escort boat services are designed for those who wish to live a unique and sensual experience in a paradisiacal setting such as Mallorca. Our elite escorts are elegant, sophisticated and possess a captivating beauty that will make your dreams come true.

Imagine a sunny day at sea, surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean while a beautiful escort accompanies you. Our luxury yachts are equipped with all the comforts and luxuries you can imagine, from spacious cabins to private Jacuzzis. Enjoy a relaxing cruise while our escorts pamper you and fulfil your most intimate desires.

Outings on Escort Boats

On DeluxFantasy

If you are looking for an unparalleled experience in Mallorca

We understand the importance of discretion and privacy. Our highly professional team will ensure that your experience is confidential and respects your personal preferences.

We strive to offer a personalised service tailored to your needs, ensuring that every detail is carefully attended to so that you can fully enjoy your adventure at sea surrounded by the island’s most exotic models.

Whether you’re looking for a full day trip, a weekend getaway or even an extended holiday, at DeluxFantasy we have flexible options to suit your desires.

Our personalised itineraries will allow you to explore the wonders of Mallorca while enjoying the company of an exceptional escort.

Our escort boat trips are the perfect choice. Contact us today to book your dream adventure and let yourself be carried away by the magic of the sea in the company of a luxury escort.

At DeluxFantasy, we transform your fantasies into reality.